Unhurried and Unstoppable

Promotional image for Unhurried and Unstoppable; God works in his own way and in his own time.

The more momentum something has behind it, the faster it moves. The more powerful something is, the harder it is to control. But not so with God. After Jesus ascended to heaven, God put momentum behind his church by unleashing his power through his Holy Spirit. But all that momentum isn’t out of control. Yes, the movement of God is unstoppable, but it’s not in a hurry.

Join us at Redeemer Lutheran Church to see what it’s really like when the power of God is at work.

Chaos Under Control

June 5, 2022

From the beginning God has used the simple power of words to deliver the promise of redemption. Yet mankind has often sought to repurpose God’s good gifts for their own designs. Only by God’s intervention can the fundamental conflict between our ways and God’s ways be reconciled. God still intervenes with a powerful word and keeps our human chaos under control.

Manifest Mystery

June 12, 2022

From the beginning God has been a mystery to mankind. But a mystery is different than a secret. A mystery remains a mystery even after it has been disclosed. While humanity continues to grapple with questions about God, the same God has made himself known. He remains a mystery, but who he is and what he has done is now known.

Delivered Deliverance

June 19, 2022

From the beginning the defining problem facing mankind has been death. Each generation is marked by its inevitable end at the grave. Human history, for all its greatness, is one long procession of death. But it was not meant to be this way. God designed mankind to live forever. Which is why when God’s promised Redeemer came to walk the earth death had to yield to life.

Evidence of the Invisible

June 26, 2022

From the beginning God’s plan has been to deliver the forgiveness of sins. So it comes as no surprise that when Jesus arrived to fulfill God’s promises that a certain kind of person gravitated to him. Only those who sense their need for forgiveness follow him. Others scoff and turn away. To this day the same dynamic is at play. Only by the grace of God do we find ourselves among those who count Jesus as our deliverer.

Stationary Spread

July 3, 2022

From the beginning there have been powerful forces of evil that seek to disrupt God’s eternal plan and promise. Much about the nature of those powers is hidden from us, but we know enough to be on our guard. Yet, we do not need to fear or flee. The power of God in Christ is greater than any other and his power is among us. We hold our ground against evil as testimony to what God has done.

Satisfying Surprises

July 10, 2022

From the beginning there has been confusion about how God would work in the world. Some have expected raw power and brute force from God. Others want God to step aside in favor of human opinion and tradition. Behind these expectations lies a demand that God work the way we want him to work. But God has always carried out his purposes in ways that leave us surprised, but also satisfied.