The Sunday Sermon

Feast your ears on some good news for a change.

If all you hear from a pastor is moralizing or life-lessons then you’re probably starving for some good news. Don’t go hungry.

Preaching at Redeemer Lutheran Church is based on the text of the Bible, not a pretext in the mind of the preacher. You’ll hear engaging and encouraging words built on the book that matters most.

The Sunday Sermon isn’t the pastor’s story — it’s the story of what Jesus has said and done for you.

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The Sunday Sermon
The Sunday Sermon
On the real prize

The object of the Christian faith is not the teaching but the Teacher.

Søren Kierkegaard

There’s more to a sermon than just the sound.

If the good news you hear on our podcast has your attention, perhaps it’s time to see for yourself how good preaching is best experienced among real people.

At Redeemer you don’t come to watch a pre-recorded message, you experience in-person encouragement. Why? Because when it comes to the most important things in life, there’s no substitute for showing up.