Christian Giving

God doesn’t want what’s in your wallet. He wants what’s in your heart.

Sometimes churches give the impression that all God wants is money. If only it were that easy. The truth is God wants your heart. And your heart is worth more than money.

God is a giver at heart. The entire creation is his gift to us. Every moment we enjoy is a gift of his grace. Most of all, God has given us of himself.

The act of giving in return aligns our hearts with the heart of God. That’s how giving makes all a difference.

Christian Service

God’s loves when people put their skills and talents to use for the common good of society and for the gospel ministry of the church. Redeemer Lutheran Church carries out Christ’s calling by helping to match God’s gifts to the opportunities God provides.

Financial Support

God does not need what our money can provide, but our neighbors do. Financial gifts support the mission and ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church to the community of Fallbrook. God calls us to be regular, cheerful givers who reflect his heart to the world.